31 for Windows


This is the computer version of the card game 31. The goal in 31 is to score as much points as possible with three cards. The player with the lowest amount of points after a round, receives a mark. When a player has collected a certain number of marks (i.e. four) he is out of the game. The last player remaining in the game wins.

If the game is played by only one player three opponents will be simulated. However, if you are connected to a network it is possible to play this game with some of your friends or colleagues.



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  • Two variations are standard, Regular and van Eer-Maas (a little bit tougher). But also user definable variations are possible!
  • User definable variations. Make your own variation!
  • Two languages: English and Dutch.
  • Network and internet play.
  • User defined backgrounds for cards.
  • After 10 years, 31 for Windows is freeware again.


  • "31 for Windows works fine. But is has a flaw, it is very addictive.", april 1997.
  • "One of the best game I have played in years.", may 1997.


  • The first version of 31 (for MSX) was released in december 1993.
  • 31 for Windows was published on the PC-Active CD-Rom of april 1997.
  • 31 for Windows was shareware between april 10, 1998 and june 2008.